THE SHOW: Netflix’s show about a group of friends, a mystery and the power of perseverance.

THE PODCAST: Brittany and Robyn recap and review all episodes of season 1 & 2 in preparation for season 3.


Season 2

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episode 201: MADMAX

episode 202: Trick or Treat, Freak

episode 203: The Pollywog

episode 204: Will the Wise

episode 205: Dig Dug

episode 206: The Spy

episode 207: The Lost Sister

episode 208: The Mind Flayer

episode 209: The Gate

Season 3

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trailer reaction

episode 301: Can You Hear Me, Susie?

episode 302: The Case of Mice

episode 303: The Disappearing Lifeguard

episode 304: The Sauna Proof

episode 305: The Source

episode 306: The Birthday

episode 307: The Bite

episode 308: The Battle of Starcourt