THE SHOW: JJ Abrams' iconic LOST is more than a cult favourite -- it's a lasting, beloved phenomenon. When a group of strangers crash onto a mysterious island, their lives are turned upside down by the secrets each of them (as well as their new home) hide. Spoiler alert: the guy in the hatch has the best beard.

THE PODCAST: LOST is to Robyn what Battlestar Galactica is to Brittany -- that is to say, it is her favourite thing in the entire world. Each episode is spoiler-free with a special section at the end to discuss all the big spoilers of the whole show. We'd say strap in, but all the seat belts are currently on a beach in Oahu.

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Season 2

episode 201: Man of Science, Man of Faith (feat. Claire)

episode 202: Adrift (feat. Drew)

episode 203:Orientation (feat. Andi)

episode 204: Everybody Hates Hugo (feat. Melissa)

episode 205: ...And Found (feat. Gillian)

episode 206: Abandoned (feat. Maria)

episode 207: The Other 48 Days (feat. Sarah)

episode 208: Collision (feat. Danisam)

episode 209: What Kate Did (feat. John)

episode 210: The 23rd Psalm (feat. Steven)

episode 211: The Hunting Party (feat. Aaron)

episode 212: Fire + Water (feat. Scott)

Mid Season Roundtable (feat. Kim & Casey)

episode 213: The Long Con (feat. Joana)

episode 214: One of Them (feat. Scott)

episode 215: Maternity Leave (feat. Angela)

episode 216: The Whole Truth (feat. Kaysi)

episode 217: Lockdown (feat. Selina)

episode 218: Dave (feat. Hayden)

episode 219: S.O.S. (feat. Erin)

episode 220: Two for the Road (feat. Sarah)

episode 221: ? (feat. Melissa)

episode 222: Three Minutes (feat. Sam)

episode 223: Live Together, Die Alone (feat. Jo Garfein)

Season 2 Roundtable

All Season 2 Spoilers Section


Season 3

episode 301: A Tale of Two Cities (feat. Drew)

episode 302: The Glass Ballerina (feat. Gillian)

episode 303: Further Instructions (feat. Joana)

episode 304: Every Man For Himself (feat. Lyndsay)

episode 305: The Cost of Living (feat. Amanda)

episode 306: I Do (feat. Jess)

episode 307: Not in Portland (feat. Maria)

episode 308: Flashes Before Your Eyes (feat. Claire)

episode 309: Stranger in a Strange Land (feat. Anna)

episode 310: Tricia Tanaka is Dead (feat. John)

episode 311: Enter 77 (feat. Scott)

Mid Season Roundtable

episode 312: Par Avion (feat. Kim)

episode 313: The Man From Tallahassee (feat. Kris)

episode 314: Expose (feat. Aaron)

episode 315: Left Behind (feat. Kelsi)

episode 316: One of Us (feat. Casey)

episode 317: Catch-22 (feat. Kaysi)

episode 318: D.O.C. (feat. Andrew)

episode 319: The Brig (feat. Isra)

episode 320: The Man Behind The Curtain (feat. Callie)

episode 321: Greatest Hits (feat. Sam)

episode 322: Through the Looking Glass (feat. Jo)

Season 3 Roundtable