Robyn is a 24 year old actor, singer, and filmmaker from Red Deer, AB. She likes brooding anti-heroes and feminist agendas. She has an obsessive personality and a good memory which causes her to memorize every detail about everything, which is very helpful when podcasting. She has 5 tattoos, 2 of which are fandom inspired. That should tell you something about who she is as a person. She runs @The100Script on Twitter and you can follow her personally @RobynEJeffrey

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Brittany is a writer and TV critic residing in Vancouver, BC. She hails from the infamous year of 1989, owns a very fat cat she named after a planet in Battlestar Galactica, and enjoys live-tweeting TV. Currently with Tell Tale TV and formerly of The Giantist (with Robyn!), she's working towards becoming a journalist so that she can do Princess Leia proud and join the resistance. @brittania_