THE SHOW: Remember those beloved, innocent Archie comics as a kid? Well, this is the opposite of that. The CW's Riverdale follows Archie and the gang as they navigate the trails and tribulations of high school, with some good, old-fashioned murder thrown in for variety. Also: burgers!

THE PODCAST: Robyn and Brittany take on a new show for the first time. Will the ladies be fabulous? Will Jughead actually be asexual? Why are Betty and Veronica kissing, and can we see more of it? We have no idea, but we're ready to talk about it a lot.



Season 1

episode 101: The River's Edge

episode 102: A Touch of Evil

episode 103: Body Double

episode 104: The Last Picture Show

episode 105: Heart of Darkness

episode 106: Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill!

episode 107: In a Lonely Place

episode 108: The Outsiders

episode 109: La Grande Illusion

episode 110: The Lost Weekend

episode 111: To Riverdale and Back Again

episode 112: The Anatomy of a Murder

episode 113: The Sweet Hereafter

Season 2

episode 201: A Kiss Before Dying (feat. Sam)

episode 202: Nighthawks

episode 203: The Watcher in the Woods

episode 204: The Town That Dreaded Sundown

episode 205: When A Stranger Calls

episode 206: Death Proof (feat. Lyndsay)

episode 207: Tales From The Darkside

episode 208: House of the Devil

episode 209: Silent Night, Deadly Night

episode 210: The Blackboard Jungle (feat. Sam)

episode 211: The Wrestler (feat. Sam)

episode 212: The Wicked and The Divine (feat. Sam)

episode 213: The Tell Tale Heart

episode 214: The Hills Have Eyes

episode 215: There Will Be Blood

episode 216: Primary Colors

episode 217: The Noose Tightens

episode 218: A Night to Remember

episode 219: Prisoners

episode 220: Shadow of a Doubt

episode 221: Judgment Night

episode 222: Brave New World

Season 3

Trailer Reaction!

episode 301: Labor Day

episode 302: Fortune and Men's Eyes

episode 303: As Above, So Below

episode 304: The Midnight Club (feat. Sam)

episode 305: The Great Escape

episode 306: Manhunter

episode 307: The Man in Black

episode 308: Outbreak

Midseason Roundtable (feat. Sam & Claire)

episode 309: No Exit (feat. Sam)

episode 310: The Stranger

episode 311: The Red Dahlia

episode 312: Bizzarodale (feat. Sam)

episode 313: Requiem for a Welterweight

episode 314: Fire Walk With Me (feat. Sam)

episode 315: American Dreams

episode 316: BIG FUN

episode 317: The Raid

episode 318: Jawbreaker

episode 319: Fear The Reaper

episode 320: Prom Night

episode 321: The Dark Secret of Harvest House

episode 322: Survive The Night

Season 4

Coming Soon!


Season 1

Trailer Reaction!

episode 101: October Country

episode 102: The Dark Baptism

episode 103: The Trial of Sabrina Spellman

episode 104: Witch Academy

episode 105: Dreams in a Witch House

episode 106: An Exorcism in Greendale

episode 107: Feast of Feasts

episode 108: The Burial

episode 109: The Returned Man

episode 110: The Witching Hour

episode 111: A Midwinter’s Tale

Season 2

episode 201: The Epiphany

episode 202: The Passion of Sabrina Spellman

episode 203: Lupercalia

episode 204: Doctor Cerberus’ House of Horror

episode 205: Blackwood

episode 206: The Missionaries

episode 207: The Miracles of Sabrina Spellman

episode 208: The Mandrake

episode 209: The Mephisto Waltz